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Professional investigative services that provide you with reliable, relevant, and critical information to help win your criminal defense case.

Owen Investigations (formerly the 1811 Group) is a private investigation and consulting firm in Sacramento specializing in criminal defense for businesses and individuals. Whether you’re facing  a federal, state, or local criminal prosecution – we review the evidence and discovery to identify strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities that can affect your case.

License Number: 27438

Serving the local Sacramento area as well as nationally.

Our Services

Whether locally, nationally, or internationally, we will collect the information you need to make quality decisions with the same level of commitment and professionalism you’d expect from an FBI investigation.


We provide the full range of general private investigative services to include locating persons and assets, surveillance, interviews and document retrieval.

Private Investigator consulting

Consulting services regarding businesses and personal matters, judicial and law enforcement matters within federal, state, local and international jurisdictions.